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Doctoral Colloquium 2016

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Doctoral Colloquium 2016

ODC was held from June 30th to July 31st 2016 in Osijek, Croatia. As Project leaders Dr. Peter F. Penner (Germany)and Dr. Anne-Marie Kool (Netherlands/Hungary) were responsible for the Doctoral Colloquium programme overall co-ordination and mentoring, moreover Dr. Olga Zaprometova (Russia) and Dr. Martine Audeoud (Ivory Coast/France) were assigned as mentors to the participants.

The program had 9 students from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kyrgystan.

I attained my goal! My academic writing is better than it was before. We got a lot of advises on how to write good academic proposals, questions, sub-questions, and a lot more.
Participants learned a lot from each other.
I enjoyed every minute of it.
Osijek is far away but the city is great, especially if you want to hide and work and spend quality time without distraction.