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OSIMS / Introduction

Building bridges along the Danube

Osijek Institute for Mission Studies

The Osijek Institute for Mission Studies is a platform for academic reflection on the missionary practice of Church and mission  in the societies of post-communist Europe. The new Institute seeks to build on, renew and strengthen the vision of the Evangelical Theological Seminary as a Learning Centre for Mission in Eastern Europe.

Our motto:
build bridges for holistic mission along the Danube


The geographical location of Osijek in the triangle of Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, near the confluence of the Drava and the Danube, offers itself as a natural meeting point and laboratory for bridge building. Like the many bridges across the Danube, OSIMS seeks to serve as a bridge between East and West, focusing on:

  • Connecting evangelism and social involvement in holistic mission
  • Spanning the gap between lay people in the church and pastors
  • Linking theoretical reflection on and the practical involvement in mission work
  • Highlighting the cross-cultural dimension of mission in a context with various minorities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Extending relations between Eastern Europe and Christianity in the global South
  • Communicating the Gospel in a relevant way, that in Jesus Christ the gap between God and men is bridged

Our approach:
innovative, cooperative, ground-breaking and focused on the Kingdom of God


OSIMS combines four approaches:

  • Innovative in exploring new ways for connecting Gospel and Culture
  • Cooperative in working together with theological institutions and networks for mission studies of different Christian traditions in a Consortium
  • Ground-breaking in complementing informative and transformative learning approaches in education that respond to local challenges
  • Focused on building, strengthening and extending the Kingdom of God as revealed in Jesus Christ

Our aims:
seedbed and platform, learning community, equipping local churches, resource centre


OSIMS aims to be:

  • Seedbed and platform for engaged, contextual, missiological reflection
  • Learning community building bridges and listening to text and context
  • Equipping local churches to grow into witnessing communities of Jesus Christ
  • Resource centre for mission in Central and Eastern Europe, across Christian traditions