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Founder of OSIMS

Evangelical Theological Seminary

The Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) in Osijek, Croatia is both international and interdenominational in character and vision, seeking to train a new generation of leadership for the church emerging from Communist oppression. We reflect on God’s faithfulness to the school over the past thirty-five years, and look to the future emboldened by His love and grace.

ETS was established to train pastors and lay persons in biblical and theological studies, it was one of the few Protestant theological institutions to be opened under Communism anywhere in Central or Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. Restrictions on religious freedom elsewhere in the region made ETS a strategic center for those seeking advanced ministerial training.

Graduates have pioneered churches and Christian ministries of various kinds including radio programs, Christian education television and video ministries, and students’ ministries. ETS faculty and students have played an integral role in the operation of AGAPE relief ministries, pioneered the publishing of Christian literature, established camps for children, organized Christian symposia, etc. They have made a tremendous impact for Christ and His Kingdom, not only under the difficult times of Communist rle, but especially now in the post-Communist era where their ministries are blossoming from Albania to Armenia. The seminary has served as a significant bridge between the East and the West.

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ETS Library

The Lena and George Hendrickson Library of ETS contains more than 80,000 books, most of which are in English, but many also in the regional languages. With its excellent facilities, the library makes its resources available as a regional research library and learning centre for trainers and educators of Christian leaders in all the countries in the region. It is a resource centre for theological and mission studies unique in Central and Eastern Europe.

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The online catalogue of the library is available here.