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Osijek Doctoral Colloquium 2019

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Osijek Doctoral Colloquium 2019

A unique place for independent study in a fascinating international learning community

Osijek Doctoral Colloquium (ODC) offers an opportunity for intensive, independent study for PhD students, away from everyday worries, under the leadership of qualified mentors in the research library of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia.

ODC has been set to provide theological institutions in Central and Eastern Europe with qualified faculty, but also to develop relevant, contextualized literature, and to empower Christian researchers, missionaries and educators to engage in broader academic conversations, in their own settings and beyond, and to assist their churches to grow as a missional community.

The programme facilitates a guided study period of 2-5 weeks in the summer months from late June to early August for PhD students from Central and Eastern Europe, at the learning and conference centre of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek which houses the Lena and George Hendrickson library with more than 130,000 books. The programme is led by qualified scholars who are responsible for overseeing the PhD students, in terms of academic responsibility, clearly distinguished from the official supervisors of the students in the PhD programs they are enrolled in.

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